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IMPORTANT Information to understand before applying for a Scholarship through SPW:

  • Scholarship recipients will be REQUIRED to complete 12 hours of volunteer time for the 2017 season. A volunteer schedule will be issued for volunteer opportunities that are available. Examples are, but not limited to: field marking, field setup and/or cleanup, concession work, special programs. Should you choose to not sign up for an opportunity, the board reserves the right to assign you a responsibility. Should you choose to not fulfill this requirement, you will be billed the 50% scholarship that was awarded which will be due in full prior to the 2018 season or said player will not be allowed to participate.
    • The 12 hours of volunteer time MUST be completed for SPW as a LEAGUE - Time spent volunteering for/with your child's individual team IS NOT COUNTED TOWARDS THE 12 HOURS!!
    • Examples of Volunteer time that DOES NOT count towards your REQUIRED scholarship hours are:
      • Coaching - DOES NOT COUNT!
      • Team Management - DOES NOT COUNT!
      • Helping with your individual team's fundraisers - DOES NOT COUNT!
      • MPR's for your individual team's games - DOES NOT COUNT!
      • Moving markers & downs for your individual team's games - DOES NOT COUNT!
  • Scholarships are awarded based on ALL required information being provided and verifiable.
    • If ALL of the following documentation is not included with your scholarship application - your application WILL NOT be processed!!!
      1. 2017 SPW Registration
      2. 2017 Scholarship Application
      3. Employment/Wage verification for all adults in your household
      4. 2017 Volunteer Form for anyone who will be completing the 12 hours of volunteer time
      5. Copy of your ID for anyone who will be completing the 12 hours of volunteer time
  • The participant’s scholarship request will be held in the strictest of confidence. Only the scholarship committee and/or SPW Board members will review the request.

50% payment will be required when application is approved. Payment must be made by July 15, 2017 or equipment and team assignment will not be issued and scholarship will be awarded to next eligible player.