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Association Info

Corey Cody


Joe Ives
Vice President


Cliff Groutt
Chief Executive of Football Operations

Jenny Plourde

Stephanie Howard

Heather Cody
Scholastics Commissioner
{Area Director}


Kevin Smith
Football Commissioner

Crystal Barrett
Cheer Commissioner

Nolan Loomis
Coaching Director - Football

{{Open Position}}
Coaching Director - Cheer

Megan Ives
Developmental Director

Nicole Perry
Developmental Director

Sheana Loomis
Scholarship Director

Marianne Love
Scholastics Manager

Benson Jones
Equipment Manager

{{Open Position}}
Fields Manager

{{Open Position}}
Player Safety Coach

Tessa Johnson
Concessions Manager - Northside

{{Open Position}}
Concessions Manager - South Hill

Tom Wagemann
Board Member

Board of Directors - current open positions:

  1. Coaching Director - Cheer
  2. Fields Manager
  3. Player Safety Coach
  4. Concessions Manager - South Hill

To apply for a position on the Spokane Pop Warner Board of Directors you must submit a 2018 Board Application, 2018 Volunteer Application and a photo ID to Jenny Plourde at